The Invernal Olympic Games

Are the Invernal Olympic Games a robbery in confront of the Olimpy Games? Yes, i do. What can we compare a games that was born in 776 a.c. in Ancient Greek, with of the games not have, not even, in 1 century? The answer is easy, we can’t! Because the Invernal Games Olympic, basically based not only physical, not religious, like ancient greek. This manifestation is only competion. Mind you the competion there’re also in ancient greek but compared not there isn’t the cult for games. In Olympic Games there’re the legendary spirit that their partecipating, to grow up the cult of man, not of competion, or nations, partecipating grow up the ideology of one society that was based on culture and war. The spirit that is missing, its the spirit that growing up through the physical esercize, we grow up also in the mind. The modern Olympic Games we’ll can find this spirit, also if the money have corrutted, a little, the games, which i do free, but we not find this ideology and spirit in Invernal Olympic Games. Closed this name, and open the infinit wait of true Olympic Games.

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